Silo Performances (2014)

Created for performance in the silo at ACRE. During the residency, I paid particular attention to the weather, and perceiving change. The change of light was significant and had a particular effect on my mood. And feeling of alone-ness and comfort.

The particulars

  • Time 9pm, after sundown
  • Location Acre silo
  • Configuration The audience stands inside the silo, ringing around the inside of the silo, others sit outside of silo on benches. I sit on a bench in the center
  • Light A small flashlight on the ground, facing up
  • Length appr. 13:00

The score

  1. K plays an open G on the cello
  2. K sings that G
  3. The audience sings the G with K
  4. K begins to play around the audience’s G
  5. For 5:00, K continues to play as if in the sun, consonantly with the feeling of community and a sense of togetherness, as the audience slowly and organically dies out
  6. At around 5:00, K settles on the open G again; a friend comes to the center and turns the flashlight off
  7. All are in complete darkness
  8. K begins to play as influenced by the darkness, and the feeling of attempting to climb out of the silo, a futile effort and K keeps sliding down
  9. K plays in darkness, with more and more chaos, until a final realization of the futility
  10. And a comfort with it
  11. K settles on the G on the cello
  12. And K start to sing the G again, and audience comes back in for a final breath together
  13. All sing until the note dies out organically, and the audience dies out organically
  14. Hold for a beat in darkness and silent
  15. K turns the flashlight back on and stands, ending the performance