PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015

Little Doomsdays: We’re Not Gonna Make It will be featured in this year’s PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden, Netherlands. The piece will be part of the festival’s WoodWalk Experience 2.0 for a full year starting on November 14, 2015.

From PNEM’s site:

PNEM Sound Art Maashorst (PSAM klankatlas) is our newest initiative. Until now, most audio files were presented only 1 day in a specially marked route, so called WoodWalk Experience. But now we make this happening 365 days: WoodWalk Experience 2.0

For this, people need to use their cellphone with a special app or QR-scanner. The app will show you how to follow the path through the woods. When you arrive in a green spot, the sound starts automatically. You have to be in the area to use GPS signals.

To download te app:

The route will also be available on a map that is being distribuated in various visitor centers and tourist offices. You can find it here
More information (only in Dutch)