‎Relatively Untroubled (2013)

cello [score for Katarina Weslien’s Prussian Blue / Tara Lake] more...

A composition of two unedited, improvised tracks used as the basis of the soundtrack for Katarina Weslien’s Prussian Blue / Tara Lake [excerpt here]. The cello piece was created separately as a response to the video, but upon bringing them together it was clear that the sound and visual shared a strong synchronicity on both a large, dramaturgical scale and in the small moments of detail coincident with one or both of the video channels.


beginnings of endings (2012) (2012)

macro video, close-up recordings around the house

In beginnings of endings (2012), sound and image are used together to construct a materiality for tiny worlds. I wanted to evoke vulnerability and empathy by enveloping the audience in a heightened, tactile and imaginary version of what the world at this scale might sound like, feel like. The macro lens tends to draw us into an investigation of the material qualities of what is pictured; the sound in beginnings further explores and describes a potential materiality of the captured landscapes, objects and creatures.

By incorporating the subtly human element of “performed” sound (recorded while manipulating household objects), pairing images with sounds that are simultaneously appropriate and slightly disconcerting, and using a highly saturated sound palette, the sound brings a physicality and weight to the threats inherent to life on a small scale.


Pablo Lorenzana’s Emergence (2012)

soundtrack: cello, field recordings

For Pablo Lorenzana’s Emergence, I wanted to create a seamless connection between the score and the environment–as if the environment pictured is actually constructed by music or musical sounds–to fully immerse the audience in the world created by Lorenzana’s drawings.

The cello recordings function both as score and sound effects/environmental sound to support not just the action on screen, but also to address the formal qualities and movement of the drawings themselves. Like the image, the sound is simultaneously dissonant and consonant, hopeless and hopeful.

Screened at Strange Beauty Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina in 2013.