PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015

PNEM Sound Art Festival 2015

Little Doomsdays: We’re Not Gonna Make It will be featured in this year’s PNEM Sound Art Festival in Uden, Netherlands. The piece will be part of the festival’s WoodWalk Experience 2.0 for a full year starting on November 14, 2015.

From PNEM’s site:

PNEM Sound Art Maashorst (PSAM klankatlas) is our newest initiative. Until now, most audio files were presented only 1 day in a specially marked route, so called WoodWalk Experience. But now we make this happening 365 days: WoodWalk Experience 2.0

For this, people need to use their cellphone with a special app or QR-scanner. The app will show you how to follow the path through the woods. When you arrive in a green spot, the sound starts automatically. You have to be in the area to use GPS signals.

To download te app:

The route will also be available on a map that is being distribuated in various visitor centers and tourist offices. You can find it here
More information (only in Dutch)

Touch My Prints Issue 04

Images from Hair, Oil & Water in Touch My Prints: ISSUE04 STI//_/IFES.

From Touch.My.Prints:

ISSUE04 STI//_/IFES showcases the work of Robert Ladislas Derr, Lisa Talbot, Anna Pinkas, Sage Lewis, Katherine Trimble, and Katrina Stamatopouls. ISSUE04 STI//_/IFES contains a variety of approaches and subjects discussed using photographic still lifes.

ACRE Projects: Go Play Outside

ACRE Benefit



Hurt Someone will be presented as part of Fundacją Smacznego!’s (Tasty Foundation’s) 2012 Urban Observatory Festival September 28-October 5 in Toruń, Poland. The festival is centered around sound works relating to urban life from non-traditional perspectives, and the works will be played at various locations throughout Toruń’s Old Town.

More information on the other artists in the festival and my work can be found here: